Wednesday, May 27, 2009



MAY 20 TO 24, 2009



I was the kind of girl who used to build an impenetrable wall. What happened last week for 5 days had been an eye- opening experience for me. Take a good look.

I don't have to say much, do I? ;-)

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ciao Lost Vamoosh!

Clothes..... Check.
A couple of books to keep me entertained......Check.
Fags..............Hmmmm.....Will power...Will power....Will power.....
Creativity...........In the process.
A pair of wings..........Shit......Can I have more time, please?

Sigh......Kuckoo the Klock is ticking and I'm left with less than 24 hours to load the Magic Bag which I stole from Felix the Cat. These heebie jeebies are distracting. Let me shimmy for a bit.

I'll be leaving to somewhere far. Well....not that far, actually. It's just down below. But it's not as near as I can drive all the way there either. Hence, the need for wings. Much better than the big fish or the wild stallion. Plus, it's time to take this brittle shell off my back and toss it straight into the sea. It caused me a lot of back pain and covered too much of my ass. Oh, which reminds me. I have to add few more colours on my petals just so this wallflower can outshine the disco ball. Only for a few days. Then I'll be gone and you'll forget my name =).

For the first time in my 22 years I'll be flying alone. So tell me why I shouldn't feel scared. I'll be meeting those I've never met before and fill my days with surprises. I guess I have to trust my feet and make the five days most memorable ones.

At least now I have a story in these three months of agony. I do need to get out somehow. And be the girl on the shore.

Alright. Time to get ready. So, bye, Malaysia. I won't miss a damn thing about you at all.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Useful Advice?

One particular scriptwriter gave me this piece of unforgettable advice (I can't really remember each and every word, so I'll just paraphrase with my own vocabs):

"If you want to produce great stories, don't write script straight away. Make a synopsis first. Then the script. Start with the worst storyline you can ever think of because if you try too hard being good, you'll end up being sucky anyway. So do 10 different stories and eventually you'll get better, and better, and better. Once you've reached your eleventh, submit it. If people are impressed, say it's your first."

Hmmm....yeah.... I'll be needing more than ten.. If only I can switch brains with Kurt Vonnegut.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Married- Not Me, Obviously.

I drove for an hour from my house to Putrajaya today. Yes, I'm bad with directions but let's skip that. A friend in school just turned from Ms to Mrs. Today's her big day. I'm still a little surprised because we're of the same age. The moment I saw her in the hall, I had a flashback of the time when she was the prefect and I was the rebel. The only things that mattered at that time were boring textbooks, fitting in with the right clique and everything else sheltered within that teeny sphere of boarding school. Those years have long time passed as we have bigger issues to deal with right after we headed for different directions. Yet I still see her as a pretty sweet sixteen. 23 is still a tad too young, don't you think? But then again, who am I to determine the right age for a lifelong domestic partnership? It's her choice, not mine. She grows up. I don't.

It's funny how a lot of things can change after high school, even within less than a decade. Weddings usually revolved around my sister's friends or my friends' elder siblings before this. But like I've said. Times have passed. I'm no Benjamin Button. At least she's bright and has landed herself a job with well desired paycheck. So I guess she's safe in my book.

Don't get me wrong, I think marriage is a beautiful idea, but only after you've settled yourself thoroughly. Like this friend of mine. It takes a lot of squeeze of your brain just so you could pull out the final answer. Doing it out of being crazily in love despite knowing each other for only a few months is just absurd. And doing it because the partner can give an easy life is just plain shallow. It's a hell lot of responsibility which I don't think I can handle. Even the thought of dating gives me the creeps.

If you ask me, I enjoy living the solitary life. Like a free spirit. Or a gypsy. Or even a hobo. The thing is, regardless of all the achievements and change of marital status and whatnot, it all falls back to what we really want. I'm not sure where I will be heading to after this but I know for a fact that there are millions of things I want to do on my own without the need of anyone's assistance. Including stupid things. No strings attached. I like that. I feel rather content with myself, thank you. (This case can only be applied on me. I don't know about you. You're not my problem.)

Anyway, back to the new Mrs., congratulations! It's your big day. I wish you well for your new, wonderful journey. Although we're on different levels of life now, you're still that sweet prefect who sometimes annoyed me in school. But there's no doubt you're beautiful inside out. I'm truly happy for you ;-).

Monday, May 4, 2009


Still Life 2 is coming out soon!! I'm excited. ;-D It's one of my favourite PC games, next to The Longest Journey. I'm an avid adventure gamer. Especially when it comes to games with twisted storylines. Hell, I'll trade one whole night of sleep for a mission to be accomplished anytime. Plus, I have the hots for edgy looking heroines with dark hair and smoky eyes clad in tight, skimpy outfits, holding their guns as they strut. Kind of like Milla Jovovich and Asia Argento. Ooh, my fantasies are going wild. Somebody shoot me.

Anyway.. For those of you who don't know (and who happens to read this bullshit), Still Life 2 is the sequel to Still Life and Post Mortem. If you played Post Mortem and Still Life before, you would recall sordid murderers who range from Satanic Cult followers to Jack the Ripper copycat. The graphic's a real masterpiece. If you're into art, you'll fall in love immediately with the paintings shown in Still Life. 'Gorgeous' would be an understatement. They're more than that. Oh, and Agent Victoria McPherson's grandpa, Gustav is the definition of GILF!

But mind you, there are nudity and violence (don't most games have that?). The killer's modus operandi won't be a pretty sight. Unless, of course, you're bloodthirsty like me. Otherwise, you can stick to Yahoo! Games.

Post Mortem

Still Life

Still Life 2..can't hardly wait =)