Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Girl Who Used To Sit Still

Oh, how she dreads the morning
The glaring sun and the cold shower
A day after another
In the same, preppy suit
The worn out glasses
And the life mortgage
The world waits for no one
As the streets are full
But life runs empty
Like the night before
Where she recalls the day
She used to sit still in class
Just so she could pass
And be another lass
In that same, preppy suit
And the glasses that help her read
Till the day she stumbles
And awakes no more
And in the gray blue black
A boy touches her on the left heel
Then he kneels
"You can never sit still
Among the sounds that
Flow through your veins
So be the next kill
Drive up your own wheel"
She flutters her lids
Feels the air with her fingers
Listens to the stillness
Cranes her neck
Sees the world the way she wants to see
Lifts her chest, with pain
But lifts it anyway
Touches her tender waist
Stretches her legs
And tiptoes in the dark
No more stillness in the night
As she dances it away
Oh, how she dances
From the hips to
The tip of her fingers
In rhythm of the drumbeats
From her pounding heart
The whistles from the wind
The imaginary lyre
Breaks the stillness of the night
The stillness of her joints
"You can never walk straight
When the road bends"
In commemorating, she dances
She dances while the world waits
While her tears drop to the floor

-By Sydrah Mustaffa

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Gegen Die Wand

Trailer's attractive. Someone help me find this, please? :)
*** P/S: And it even includes "After Laughter Comes Tears".