Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Welcome to the Human Condition

I'm left to the oblivion. Lethargic. Yet I'm awake. So far gone to a different dimension. Somehow strangers amuse me more than those I've known for years. Or I thought I've known for years. But I'd rather be an island although no man should be one. Ancient proverb fails.

They say aim for the moon and even if you miss, you'll still land among the stars. There's always a place for you. I just wonder how long does it take for me to land on one. The moon's overcrowded. Stars are gazillions. We're bound by choices. Choices, choices, choices and more choices enough to make one go schizophrenic. We can choose to live according to the law of the cosmos and please everyone like saints do or trade our souls to the devil for a miracle. Whichever goes.

"Congratulations!" They said. "Now it's your turn to take over the world!"

Chances are many. Pain comes in handy. You can't run away. It's a question of how much ready you are. That's how life is. Either it makes you or breaks you. Depending if you want to be the one who still lives to tell your tale.

Look, man. I ain't brilliant. And I'm scared as hell too, just like everybody else. But then again, what's to be scared of? Good Lord, I'm running out of chill pills. Blame it on the post graduation blues.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~ ~Satan~


\m/ \m/

Friday, January 1, 2010


Merry New Year from up north. Merry, indeed. Time to get a new paintbrush to go with that brand new, white canvas!