Friday, December 31, 2010

2010: To Sum It All Up, I Would Like To...

2009 has been amazing. My final struggle as a student, the dramas, the stupidity, and the list goes on. I made it to the last day at my university, and I was glad. I was glad I had the patience for 5 years, I was glad I met those who matter, I was glad they saw me when no one else could.

But it can never beat 2010. 2010 is a whole lot of stories. From my hogmanay with drunken whities, to non-stop dancing in Istanbul, friends, acquaintances, foes, what does it matter, the bus to Batumi, and the train to Tbilisi, winter to spring, to humid Malaysia.

And I was back. With a short-term mission and out-of-the-blue choice of becoming a lawyer. With no wizard in my head, with a few papers that validate what I'm made of, I never thought I'd be taken in. And so, RDL is also a different volume altogether in 2010 journal. I'll admit the telephone is a pain in the ass, my blazer looks stupid, and every lawyer I've met has really shitty taste in music. I find it nauseating to talk about Order 14 over dinner and I honestly don't give a hoot about who's who used to be what-what.But there's one thing I'd like to say, and I swear, it's not a lie. I do love the chambees in the pen and by the time I'm gone, I'll miss them the most. And Mr. Francis.

2010 was the time I ran all the way to the airport and bought a ticket to Jakarta on the spot, not wanting to miss RamaSita's divine union. I didn't sleep. I can't sleep. There was too much catching up to do, but I had to leave few hours later at 6 in the morning.

And there was UN, that one, particular, discreet place which struck my curiosity for ages ever since high school. I knew it felt right when I first set my foot there. As for the rest of the stories in it, well, it's strictly confidential.

Not to mention Penang, another event that brought out the randomness out of everyone. Which, of course, is another strictly confidential matter.

So, what else revolve around good old '10? Oh, yeah, the World Cup which brought out the celebrity in Paul, as compared to other players, Justin Bieber having more than 50 million viewers, Deep Purple and Slash in Malaysia, Malaysia kicking Indonesia's ass over football, Kyrgez President fled Bishkek, eruptions of ice cap in Iceland (and we believe sacrificing Bieber would make the world a better place), the red shirts in Bangkok, which killed my mood for backpacking, and Edward fucking Bella in Eclipse (he must have came in seconds, being a glittery fairy werewolf and all).

Oh. That's all for 2010? Oh, what the heck. Anyway, to sum it all up, I'd like to say Good Riddance. More surprises to come for 2011 :)